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Chris Meier

Software Developer and Co-founder of FoodChain

Some interesting projects I’m working on:

Physical Web

  1. Turning your Raspberry Pi into an Eddystone Beacon
  2. PATStop: Stop-specific Bus Arrival Times
  3. Larrey Station: Clinic Check-in Kiosk

Mirror: The Open Source Amazon Echo

  1. Intro
  2. Helios: Control Philips Hue light bulbs
  3. Mojave: Control WeMo devices
  4. Yfir: Order Uber rides with your voice
  5. Pizzeria: Easily order Domino’s pizza

NodeHeart: A smart heart monitor for the Internet of Medical Things.

  1. Part 1: Setting up the Heart Monitor
  2. Part 2: Becoming Smart
  3. Part 3: Monitoring Multiple Patients Remotely

Hermes: A Jasper module for sending SMS messages with your voice.

  1. Jasper Module
  2. Hermes Server
  3. Notification Module